About the project

The main aim of the project EU-PAIR is to promote excellence in teaching and research within EU studies in public administration, to develop the curricula in EU integration on administrative studies for under and post-graduate students who want to gain knowledge, to reinforce an European dimension on their studies, and to generate knowledge which can support for the future the EU policy-making by the professionals, to promote high performance in their professional life, bringing the EU closer to the citizens.

The objectives of the project are in deepen accordance with the ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Action:

  • The project deepens teaching in European Union studies embodied in the official curriculum of UAIC, creating the first chair on studies on EU Public Administration integration and resilience, with activities that reflect the majors’ themes of EU administrative science today, offered to under and post-graduate students, who could apply for a professional job in public organisations, at governmental level – local, regional, national or European.
  • The project will generate knowledge and insights that can support policy-making and strengthen the role of the EU in a globalised world and through the EU-PAIR chair will be assured the increasing of knowledge for a better understanding of functionality of administrative mechanism in EU area, the necessity to know how to be competitive and how to gain a superior advantage, to develop new skills for the involved human resource which work in EU administrative and public bodies, to create EU strategies and EU policies to respond to the European citizens and to reflect the responsibility in the administrative act, to have a strong knowledge about the European Union matters for future professionals in fields who are increasing demand on labour market and to respond with efficiency at the challenges that require resilience.
  • The project provides teaching/lectures to students from different departments (e.g., architecture, medicine, arts, economy, management etc.) to better prepare them for their future professional life, which could be in the public administration system (national, regional, European) as the experts in their field of studies.

Main activities:

  1. The JM Chair EU-PAIR project proposes 5 courses (2 on-going and 3 new) and will create a framework for debates, learning and sharing knowledge about EU public administration integration in both its internal and external aspects and the new-faced challenges.
  2. Through the JM Chair EU-PAIR will be developed courses and seminars materials, will sustain the research activity of the team through scientific events and scientific reports, will be organised webinars, roundtables, workshops, networking events, an annual international conference, will be facilitated the publication of the results in conference proceedings volumes and in journals indexed in the IDB.

The JM Chair EU-PAIR has as direct and indirect beneficiaries of its activities the students who want to gain and improve their knowledge in the field of EU public administration integration and resilience studies, also the professors involved, the academia, the professionals, the policy makers, the civil servants, general public, civil society, being a way to bring EU closer to the public.