Prof. Ph.D., Hab. Ana-Maria BERCU (project manager and teacher) 

She is currently full professor, PhD., Habilitated at FEAA, UAIC. She graduated a bachelor programme in Public Administration at FEAA in 2001, with Magna cum laude and postgraduate studies in the Management of Government Resources. In November 2019 she was senior researcher at Michigan Flint University, USA. Her doctoral thesis, defended in 2008, was appreciated with very good rating by the doctoral commission, which expressed its appreciations concerning the novelty of issue in the context of European integration. In February 2019 he sustained her Habilitation thesis in the field of administrative sciences. During 2015-2016, she was Postdoctoral Researcher at Tel Aviv University, Israel, in the field of HRM. She has competences in the field of European studies, being the leader of the JM module EURCOMP (September 2014 – August 2017) and co-author for the volumes European Regional Competitiveness and Human Resource Development (2018) and European Civil Service and the Career Management of European Civil Servants (2013), coordinator and/or member of the scientific team for over 20 European projects, having experience in international teaching through Erasmus and Erasmus+ programmes and being a member of the European Centre of Excellence (within the Centre of European Studies) since 2009 and JM Chair EUFIRE (2016-2019). She has experience in international teaching activities (with students from France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Albania, Portugal, Iceland, Serbia, Poland, Italy, USA) and has participated in international conferences, seminars, and workshops abroad.

Lecturer Ph.D. Constantin-Marius APOSTOAIE (teacher) 

He is currently senior lecturer, PhD., at FEAA, UAIC. He has a rich experience in project management (as director or team member) within several educational and research projects (in financing lines such as: Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, COST, POSDRU, POSCCE, POCU, UEFISCDI, and with cumulated sources of financing of over € 20 mil), including Jean Monnet activities, and in the organizing committee of over 12 national and international conferences (in Romania and abroad). He also has a rich portfolio of multicultural and multinational teaching techniques and methods gained through his experience in dozens of universities in Europe and at UAIC (where he held courses on Project Management, European Integration etc.). He conducts high standard research reflected in over 50 peer-reviewed articles published in important databases and high-rated peer-reviewed journals, as well as other complementary activities: reviewer in 4 highly visible journals; plenary or panel discussant in over 10 international conferences; speaker in over 60 international and national conferences / scientific events in Europe or abroad.

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Irina BILAN (teacher) 

She defended her PhD thesis in finance, in 2014, and is a specialist in European public finance. Her research mainly focuses on financial policies, European financial integration, and monetary and financial macroeconomics. She presented over 80 papers at national/ international conferences (in Austria, Croatia, France, Portugal, Malaysia, Romania, Spain, the USA, the UK, etc.), published over 70 papers in IDB indexed journals and conference proceedings and several books/book chapters. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in courses such as Public Finance, European Monetary and Financial Integration, International Finance, Money and Credit, Financial and Monetary Macroeconomics, Financial Management of Public Institutions. She conducted several research stages, tackling different financial dimensions of the EU economies, at universities in France, Spain, the UK, and the USA. She has extensive international teaching experience, teaching to international students at UAIC and to students abroad at universities in Croatia, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, and Vietnam. She acquired expertise in project management as the team member of 2 Jean Monnet projects (one JM Chair and one JM Module), and team member/expert/manager of 6 other projects funded from EU or national funds. She organized several national and international conferences and workshops, some on EU issues.

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Gabriela BOLDUREANU (teacher) 

She is an associate professor at FEAA, UAIC, she received the PhD in Management since 2003. Her fields of teaching and research are management and business administration and as topics of academic interest: entrepreneurship education at EU level, social entrepreneurship In EU, innovation and performance in enterprises, innovations in tourism. She has participated in over 60 conferences national and international and has published 7 books and over 70 articles and scientific studies in national and international journals. Activity in the field of European projects consisted in quality participation membership in the following projects: Sustainable Education Through European Studies for Young Researchers (SESYR), in within the Jean Monnet Activities program; Socio-economic and cultural effects of migration. The case of Romanians in Belgium, in within the PNIII Program, Subprogram – Bilateral / multilateral; European research and development project INTERREG III B – AREA CADSES „GO Network-Guarantee Organization Network” Guarantee Organizations in Central European Countries, Adriatic, Danube and South-eastern and the comparison with Italy and the Lombardy, 2004-2006 (15 participating countries), as operational manager of the project for Romania.

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Elena Cigu (teacher) 

She is graduated in Public Administration since 2002, and in 2003, she finalised the post-graduate studies in Management of Government Resources. She researches in the field of Public Administration, since 2004, on local administrative and financial autonomy in European Countries. In September 2011 she obtained the Doctoral Diploma in Finance. The doctoral thesis (published in 2011) has analysed the local public finances, focusing on financial and administrative autonomy of local public authorities in EU countries, in general, and for Romania, especially. The research was continued as a postdoctoral fellowship on financial autonomy and implications on the sustainable development of local communities in the knowledge society (published in 2015), over the period 2014-2015. About decentralization, in 2018 she had research mobility at the University of Bolton, UK. She has experience in international teaching activities (for students in Cyprus, Spain, Lithuania, and Portugal), and in exchange of best practices to assess and compare the organization and functioning of Master Programs in Public Administration from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary and Complutense de Madrid University, Spain within the project „Increasing the Quality of the Master Programs in Public Administration”, ID 60072, 2007-2013. She has participated in international conferences, seminars, and workshops abroad. Currently she is Associate Professor (February 2019).

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Dan LUPU (teacher) 

He holds a bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Law, a master’s degree in Management of European Funds and holds a PhD in Finance since 2011. He teaches courses and seminars on Business Law, Fiscality, Public Investment and European Fund Management (for 1st and 2nd cycle). The doctoral thesis (published in 2011) has analysed the legislation and management of the firms in economic difficulties in EU countries, in general, and for Romania, especially. He has experience in international teaching activities (for students in Poland, Greece, Turkey, France, and Czech Republic), and in exchange of best practices to assess and compare the organization and functioning of Master Programs in Public Administration in the main universities from Romania. He published 2 books, 34 articles and presented 31 papers at international conferences. He participated, as coordinator or member, in research grants and in numerous projects involving European funds. He is Senior Lecturer at the host institution since 2015 and also a lawyer specialized in business law.

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Mihai-Bogdan PETRIȘOR (teacher) 

He graduated Finance and Insurance in 2003 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and Law in 2005 at the Faculty of Law, both at the UAIC. With a constant concern to acquire new knowledge but also for his future career development and courses, he attended Master program „Finance Banking Management”, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. He graduated MBA with 10/10 and he completed doctoral studies in 2011, with doctoral thesis „Public expenditures and their impact on the evolution of society”. He published a volume with the same title in 2012. He has experience in teaching disciplines European Law, Finance, Financial Law, Labour Law and Administrative Law. His interest research areas are European administrative and financial space, regional competitiveness, and EU public financial policies.

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Ada-Iuliana POPESCU (teacher) 

She is currently associate professor at UAIC, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Finance, Money and Public Administration. She is a law graduate, holding a Ph.D. in law. She has been awarded the Leland Leatherman scholarship for study and research in law by the University of Arkansas, School of Law and Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Corporation, USA and a fellowship award from National Center for Agricultural Law Research and Information Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. She is the author/co-author of four books and more than 30 scientific papers in the field of business law, environmental law and criminal law. She participated in 10 projects financed by the Romanian government and the European Union with excellent results in the field of law, public administration (short-term expert in the project „Increasing the Quality of the Master Programs in Public Administration”, ID 60072) and continuing education for public administration graduates and public servants.

Prof. Ph.D., Hab. Mihaela TOFAN (teacher) 

She is law specialist with specific expertise in EU Law. She teaches and researches in the field of European studies since 2001 and she coordinates students for 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle and research team since 2008, when she gets Cum Laude legal science PhD. (Law Faculty at University of Bucharest). Her published doctoral thesis analysed the legal status of the Romania’s accession to the European Monetary Union and her habilitation thesis is “Public Policies for affaires. European Regulatory Dimension in the European Context”. She has experience in international teaching activities (for students in Italy, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Portugal, Israel, Cyprus) and has participated in international conferences, seminars, and workshops abroad. Since 2009, she is member of the JM Centre of Excellence in European Studies from UAIC. She is responsible for the module JM European Civil Service (September 2010 – August 2013) and holder of the JM Chair European Financial Regulation EUFIRE. She published more than 70 papers in IDB proceedings/journals and 11 books (4 sole author and 7 co-author). She is full professor at the host institution since 2017 and she will be responsible for the teaching and research activities on specific aspects of European regulation, as well as for successfully implementing all the project activities.