Networking events

The Networking events EU Public Administration Cohesion is a series of manifestations that will bring together various participants including students engaged in project activities, professors actively involved in teaching EU integration studies and invited professors with extensive experience in the field. These individuals, who serve as coordinators of the Modules, Chairs, and Centre of Excellence, will have the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge. Additionally, practitioners from public administration bodies, the European Institute, and public companies will be invited to participate. The main objective of this networks is to facilitate a meeting between civil servants, employees from the public sector, and the academic community, fostering an exchange of ideas, sharing of practical skills, and promoting interactive debates. These events provide an excellent platform for students to ask questions, express their opinions, and explore the practical implications of the theoretical foundations they have acquired in their courses. Moreover, the networking activities will encourage proactive engagement from the students and facilitate informal interactions between them and their professors.

Networking event 2023